1st Post Ever!

Before I begin to utterly and completely delve into the blog world, I want to introduce myself. I am green, I’m 4 feet tall, I weigh 75 pounds and I live in a mound of dirt. Now, I know that may sound strange and a little weird to some, but that’s who I am. I am an ant named Bugsley.
I am a protector, a guardian and a hero if I do say so myself. (I like to think I’m a hero anyway) I protect toes from icky seams and I guard feet from lumps and bumps. I like to think that I’m making people lives easier. I sound like I have a complex….but I do wish I could wear a cape.
My hobbies include knitting, digging, stealing food, smiling and dancing. I love to knit, especially socks. You’ll always see me with a pair of socks on my feet; my tootsies get cold. I also love to dance in my socks. It goes without saying that all my socks are seamless. I hate seams just as much as the next guy or ant.
My professional life is hectic. I am the face of SmartKnitKIDS. I must make sure all the socks going out with my picture on them really don’t have a seam and won’t cause lumps or bumps. (It’s my reputation, right?) That means I spend my hours between photo shoots and celebrity guest appearances inspecting socks. I guarantee that no sock leaves our headquarters uninspected. I don’t sleep much, but we ants don’t need much rest.

That’s me in a nutshell and there will be much more to come! Socks, sensitivities, autism, life, being and ant, and all the other exciting things that happen in my daily life! I look forward to wiggling my antennae with you and sharing lots of laughs and information!

One response to “1st Post Ever!

  1. Bugsley,I love it! Welcome to the world of blogging…

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