Spring is in the Air

You probably wouldn’t know by looking at me, but I’m a neat freak. For some reason most people think bugs are very messy, but I AM NOT. I love to organize and put things away, and catalog them…I’m getting excited just thinking about it! Every spring I set aside several days to go through the things I have collected over year: peanut butter and jelly sandwich crusts, grass clippings, chocolate chip cookie crumbs, dandelion seeds. I have a prized collection of each. I once had them appraised, you know, so I could insure them in case something happened. The appraiser told me a collection like mine couldn’t have a value attached to it! Can you imagine a priceless collection! Incredible! I digress.

Every spring I go through my collection and categorize all my finds. I mostly sort by size, smallest to largest, but this year I think I might sort by color: lightest to darkest of course. Besides sorting my collection, I also dust the vents, wipe the baseboards and make sure my house is spic and span. Spring is the loveliest time of year. The smell of Pine-sol is in the air and I can see my reflection in my newly polished stainless steel refrigerator. Ahh, Spring!

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