4th of July Tips

If you have a child that is sensitive to the festivities on the 4th, you may want to check out these 4th of July Tips!  You can either opt to opt-out of traditional 4th of July festivities, plan ahead and attend or try a mixture of both.

  1. Start a new tradition of fireworks watched on TV (muted) with soothing background music or another activity of your choosing.  The object is to make the day special in celebration of the birth of the U.S.A!  Try noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs if the boom of the fireworks are heard inside too.
  2. Definitely bring some security items if going out to see fireworks: favorite/special toy, heavy blanket, etc.  Leaving before dark can help ease into the event as well.
  3. Talk about the day’s activities with your child to prepare them for all of the people, sounds and sights.  But don’t over-do it – it’s possible to over-prepare and turn the 4th of July into anxiety.
  4. Have your child get some rest the day before and the day of the 4th of July.  You don’t want to over do it and lessen their chance of being able to cope with the holiday.  This means possibly skipping the swimming pool during the day or going to bed on time the night before.Try to go about your normal routine as best possible without too much change. Routine is comforting.
  5. Reassure your child that there are safe places to go – the car, the restroom, the restaurant down the street or even home if the nervousness gets too hard to handle.
  6. This is not the time to try to “desensitize” them to noise.  Make sure to follow your child’s lead and anticipate their needs as best you can.

Do you have any tried & true tips for coping with the 4th of July?

Did I mention that all SmartKnitKIDS products are 100% made in the USA?  Happy Independence Day!

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