Tips for a Seamless New Year: 4 Ways to Help Your Child Get A Good Night’s Sleep

4 Ways to Help Your Child (And You) Get a Good Night's Sleep

1)       Make sure the bedroom environment encourages sleep.

Remove TVs, radios and anything with an LED light. Research suggests that prolonged exposure to LED lights can affect serotonin levels (a hormone that regulates your body’s internal clock) and make it difficult to for you to fall asleep. Additionally, during the day if your child is able to listen to music or watch TV in his/her bedroom it makes it easier to associate the bedroom with lively or loud activity making it more difficult to get him/her to sleep.

Consider having a separate room for loud or lively engagement. Check out these neat activity room ideas to get you started!

2)       Establish a bedtime routine.

By implementing a consistent routine every evening, your child quickly understands the activities which mean “it’s time for bed” and they’ll be more prepared to wind down. Some activities might include 1) reading a bed time story, 2) dimming the lights 3) brushing teeth and 4) having an evening snack that’s high in tryptophan (increases sleepiness) like turkey, peanut butter, banana slices or cheese and crackers.

3)       Consider using a white noise machine.

For children with a higher auditory sensitivity, it can be difficult getting to sleep with all of the noises they might hear at night – i.e., house creaking or a dog barking outside. There are several white noise machines on the market that offer a variety of different sounds to choose from. Some white machines even have a customizable sound feature which allow you to create your own. (Where to start: Which white noise machine should I get?)

4)       Consider sleepwear.

Perfect for any time of day, our SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity products provide pressure in all the right places, helping your child feel safe and comfortable. Our super soft socks, undies, under-tees and bralettes for sensitive skin don’t wrinkle or bunch and are proven to reduce irritation. Our products have no padding, lining or underwires and our moisture-wicking technology guarantees to keep your child odorless and dry.

For more information or to browse SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity products, visit!

By Jenna Baker. Jenna on Google+

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