Bugsley’s Summer Adventure


Hi SmartKnitKIDS Friends!

School is almost out and summer is about to get started!  Bugsley has been working so hard here at SmartKnitKIDS that we have decided he’s ready for a vacation!  But, not just any vacation.  We want to send Bugsley around the country to enjoy summer with our SmartKnitKIDS friends.

We’re asking you to invite Bugsley along for any or all of your summer fun adventures.  There are lots of ways to do this.  You can print out one of our Vacation Bugsley downloads.  Color and cut him out and take him with you.  You can bring one of the plastic Bugsleys from your SmartKnitKIDS sock orders.  Or you can even use this picture of Bugsley.  Just pull him up on your smartphone!


The important thing is that you take a photo of you and Bugsley doing whatever your summer has in store for you.  Send them to us via Facebook or Twitter so we can all see what Bugsley has been up to.  We’re hoping that by the end of the summer, Bugsley will have been on quite the adventure!

Here’s a little note from Bugsley about things he’s excited to do:

Bugsley Letter

PicMonkey Collage

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