Have a Seamlessly Stress-Free Back to School with SmartKnitKIDS Sale!

You know what I saw at the store the other day?  School supplies!!  That’s right, the stores are already geared up for Back to School.  I know it’s no comparison to Christmas decorations arriving in July, but it still always seems to happen so early.  But, a quick look at the calendar tells me that the inevitable Back to School is looming right around the corner.ID-10033395

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

All of the sudden I’m getting flashbacks of school supply shopping during last year’s tax free holiday, hunting for the elusive green, plastic pocket folder with brads; me and every other parent in town with a soon-to-be second grader.  Why do those school supply lists have to be so darn specific?  Wouldn’t a nice blue one do just as well, seeing as how all the green ones are gone?  And what about the school clothes?  Don’t get me started.

As you can see, Back to School shopping is stressful for this mom.  The team at SmartKnitKIDS is hoping that you don’t get as stressed out as I do.  But, whether you’re like me, or you breeze through school shopping with ease, we want to make part of your school shopping easier.  So, we can’t help you find the green, plastic pocket folder with brads, but we can give you 20% off all your seamless socks and underclothes from SmartKnitKIDS!  The sale runs on our website from now until August 17.  No coupon codes are needed.


Our SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks, underwear, bralette and compresso-t help your kiddo have super seamless Back to School and a super seamless school year.  Check back with us next month for more tips on how to have a seamless Back to School!

Back to School Givaway Reminder

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