Once Upon A Bug

Once upon a time, all over the world, children lived with lumps and bumps, ouchies, burglers, nuggies or seams in their socks.  The seams would rub and bump and irritate all over those little active feet.

Children everywhere refused to wear socks!

No Socks Girl


When they had to wear socks, they were mad!

Angry Boy


And sad!

Sad Girl

And just all-around miserable!

Miserable Kids

Finally, in a place called Kansas, a little bug named Bugsley was born.  As Bugsley grew, he hated seams, too!  It gets pretty cold in Kansas, and when Bugsley had to wear socks, his little bug feet would feel every lump and bump caused by pesky seams in socks.  Bugsley couldn’t stand it!


When he grew up, Bugsley made it his Mission to get rid of seams once and for all!  He found his way to SmartKnitKIDS in Kansas City and learned that parents everywhere were looking for a solution to the uncomfortable lumps and bumps in their kids’ socks.  Bugsley knew he could find help for these kids and he went right to work!

Bugsley set up a Top Secret Lab at SmartKnitKIDS to test different materials and methods for making socks.  He was going to develop the softest, most comfortable and COMPLETELY SEAMLESS sock on the planet!  Bugsley, with the help of SmartKnitKIDS, worked tirelessly inspecting yarns and developing a super-secret, super-unique method.


Finally, after many long, long days, Bugsley finally had a sock that felt great on his feet!  No seams, no lumps and bumps and so snuggly soft that he thought he would never take them off!  Excited with Bugsley’s amazing work, SmartKnitKIDS began making his seamless sock . . . lots and lots of seamless socks!

Bugsley immediately began to get the word out to all the boys and girls around the world . . . and the orders started flooding in.

Laptop Kid

Children everywhere were finally happy with their socks!

SKKIDS-CompressoTBack to School Givaway Reminder

Bugsley was a hero!  And children everywhere lived seamlessly ever after in their socks.


To be continued . . . .

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