100 Great Reasons to Go Seamless!


At SmartKnit, we think the reasons to go seamless are truly endless!  But, to celebrate our contest for a $100 Smartknit.com gift card for one lucky winner, we thought we’d list 100 reasons to go seamless!  But, who better to tell you about why you should go seamless than our happy customers.

100 Super Reasons to go Seamless!

Seamless Socks


  1. “Great product. My son can’t do without them. Only socks he will wear. Great service with quick shipping.” – Nicole J.
  2. “Socks have been a daily morning trauma for our daughter. She loves these. We are replacing her entire sock drawer with SmartKnit. The savings in time and peace of mind are worth the cost.” – Andrew L.
  3. “These are the only socks my daughter will wear now. I am so thankful for your socks with truly no seems. My daughter used to wear flip flops in the winter just so she didn’t have to wear socks. Now that we found these we don’t have to go through tantrums and melt downs every morning. My daughter obviously has sensitivity issues so these socks have been a God send. Thanks.” – Liese Z.
  4. “My kids love these socks! They are easy to put on, and they love being able to walk around without having to worry about seams that might twist around and hurt their feet. I’m so glad I don’t have to argue with them about putting on socks. Great purchase!” – Jeri E.
  5. “These socks are the BEST! My 5 year old has been complaining about socks for as long as she could talk. These are game changers! No more frustration, no more tears, no more spending over 5 minutes each morning trying to get the toe seam just right. The first time she put on a pair, you could see the relief in her eyes! Thank you SmartKnit!” – Kelly W.
  6. “Our son has Sensory Processing issues, anxiety, and ADHD. Little basic tasks like putting on socks can ruin his mornings. He hates the seams and specifically the knots at the end of the seams. Thank goodness for these socks. Now he wants to put on his socks and is happy to get ready instead of battling every pair of other socks. Thank goodness we found these socks! I’m so thankful these are available for someone like our son. It makes our days better starting it off on the right foot!” – Tiffany W.
Boys Seamless Boxer Briefs


  1. “Wonderful! Our 6 year old w/SPD loves them! Thank you!” – Laci W.
  2. “Amazing.. my son will wear undies now :)” – Tara B.
  3. “My son loves these boxers! He puts them on and never complains that they bother him. It would be nice if they came in more colors.” – Jennifer P.
Girls Seamless Boy Cut Undies


  1. “My daughter was so excited when she put them on. She said they felt as comfy as her jammies. That made for a happy mom, too.” – Sarah D.
  2. “My daughter hated panties and did everything to avoid wearing them. When the teachers started checking every morning, I had to find a seamless option. A Google search for SmartKnit turned everything around for us. Now she wears panties without tears and doesn’t think about them for the rest of the day. Life changing!” – Sophia D.
  3. “These are the only underpants my daughter will wear. We’ve struggled with getting dressed in the morning because every type of underpants has seams that really bother my daughter. Thankfully we found these!” – Anna L.
Seamless Bralette


  1. “My daughter with sensory processing disorder loves the way it feels! That’s a win to me!” – Lori H.
  2. “I am extremely satisfied with my order! My daughter loves everything and is much more comfortable! Thank you!” – Michelle F.
  3. “Excellent product. My very “seam sensitive” daughter wears it and is comfortable.” – Kathryn E.
Seamless Compresso T


  1. “It is very comfortable to wear for my five year old grandson compared to his heavier vest. It is a lot cooler to wear for summer.” – Geri L.
  2. “What a fabulous product for our little ADHD guy. Tagless and gives him a little pressure which helps with proprioceptive and tactile senses. Seriously thank you!” – Kathy H.
  3. “My daughter loves her “hug shirts”. Her attention span in school is much improved with them. I highly recommend them if your child is working through sensory issues.” – Erin S.

Whew!  That’s 18 great reasons to go seamless.  We’ve got stacks and stacks of these here on our desks, and even more in the mailbox.  But, we want you to add to our list.  Give us your best seamless stories.  What are the reasons you can think of to go seamless?

Don’t forget to enter our contest to win the $100 gift card to SmartKnit.com.  One week only – December 14-20!


13 responses to “100 Great Reasons to Go Seamless!

  1. I’ve been looking for something to help my sensory sensitive little man, and this looks like the answer. The compresso tee and the socks look like exactly what we need. Thank you for putting this out there for parents like myself to find. 🙂

  2. My reason for going seamless is my beautiful daughter who complains that everything is itchy or uncomfortable. I’m desperate to find something she will wear!

  3. We first used the SmartKnit socks with silver when my son got his AFO’s. We fell in love! Now, we use the seamless socks to avoid the daily meltdowns over “sock lumps.” We would love to try the compression shirts and seamless undies, since his OT has recommended compression clothing, and “sock lumps” have transformed into “underwear lumps” :). Thanks for such amazing products!

  4. My daughter cannot wear any other socks. Don’t know what we would do without your products!

  5. My SPD 2 year loves his compression tank. It works wonders for him and he can control his emotions and is a lot happier when he wears it. Great product!

  6. My sweet daughter with SPD has a terrible time dealing with socks. These would be a great solution!

  7. I have 3 children at home with SPD and buying clothes is pure h#ll LOL This would be amazing for them and me!

  8. Because it makes his life a little easier and more comfortable.

  9. The reason I want to go seamless is to make my autistic daughter more comfortable and avoid meltdowns.

  10. I am so glad I found your company. My daughter desperately needs seamless sock so these will be perfect for her.

  11. We go seamless because my son and I have super duper uber sensitive skin!! Anything and everything causes us to get rashes and welts. It makes us both nuts!! But seamless items really are a lifesaver!!!

  12. I have 1 child with SPD and another with genetic disorder and SPD. Needless to say, dressing can be a disaster. Some mornings are full of tantrums. I just found this site but winning the $100 gift card would ease our mornings!

  13. My kids LOVE your socks!! I don’t know how many times I’ve had to fight with them about socks with seams, prior to discovering your products, but it’s been a lot! They cannot stand the seams, and are so excited to wear your socks instead, so thank you for such a high quality product!

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