Have a Healthy Valentines Day!

Does it ever seem like we roll right from one unhealthy food holiday into another?  Halloween, Christmas, Super Bowl.  And now with Valentine’s Day upon us, are you dreading your children bringing home another bag full of candy?  Or cupcakes and cookies?  Instead of the sugar overload, how about celebrating Valentine’s Day with your family with healthy foods and fun activities.  Here are a few ideas we came up with!

Valentine’s Day Family Dinner Date – Children love to play grown-up.  Let the kids help plan a “romantic” Valentine’s Day dinner for the whole family.  The children can help plan the menu, decorate your kitchen or dining room with Valentine’s Day décor and even help prepare the delicious meal.  Red foods will add to the Valentine’s flavor.  Spaghetti with red sauce is something nice and simple kids can help with.  Pair it with a salad.  If you get extra adventurous, you can cut tomatoes or cucumbers into heart shapes.  Want to add some extra flair?  Include candles in the décor and buy a bottle of sparkling grape juice or cider.

spaghetti dinner

Craft Homemade Valentines Cards or Dinner Décor – Let the kids make their own Valentine’s Day cards or even their own decorations for the Family Dinner.  Provide a stack of paper in Valentine’s colors with some glitter and stickers and let the kids get creative.

Valentine’s Day Munchies – Instead of all the candy and junk food, make some Valentine’s Day trail mix for kids and parents alike to snack on.  You can even use it for an appetizer during your dinner.  You can add anything that your kids like to eat, but for a few suggestions use dried fruit or raisins, healthy cereals and nuts.  For a little bit of color (or maybe just a tiny bit of holiday sugar) add a few handfuls of Valentine’s Day M&Ms.  Just make sure the kids don’t pick those out and eat them all first!

Read and Act Out Valentine’s Day Books – There are tons of great children’s books out there with Valentine’s Day themes.  Spend the afternoon reading together.  Or take your favorite Valentine’s Day story and have the children make it into a play.  It would make great dinner entertainment!

Valentine Books

Dessert – What’s better for dessert than sweet and delicious fruit.  You can make the fruit extra fun by cutting some of it into heart shapes and adding skewers.  The fruit skewers can be eaten plain or with a dip made out of yogurt.  Add a few drops of red food coloring if using plain yogurt.

You’ll make some super sweet Valentine’s Day memories that your kids will be talking about all year!

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