Introducing Sock It To Autsim Bugsley


Some of our most seam-sensitive kids are autistic kids.  That’s why SmartKnitKIDS and Bugsley work so hard to “sock it to” autism, or in other words to make a sock that autistic and seam-sensitive kids can happily wear – with no seams to bug ya!

Sock It Bugsley is a karate champion.  When he’s not winning tournaments around the world, he likes to practice his karate moves on seams!!  If Sock It Bugsley finds a seam, he immediately gives it a kick or a punch and it’s gone.  Just like that!

Make sure you add this awesome Bugsley to your collection!  Now shipping in SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity socks!  Since April is Autism Awareness Month, it is the best time to expand your Bugsley collection.  All orders over $50 will receive Bugsley Bucks – money that can used for purchases May 1 – June 16.

Orders $50 – $79.99 receive $10 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $80 – $109.99 receive $20 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $110+ receive $30 in Bugsley Bucks.

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