Introducing Princess Bugsette

Bugsette-PrincessPrincess Bugsette is the Princess of Make-Believe!  She also loves to read and act out fairy tale stories.  Her favorite fairy tale is The Princess and the Pea, because it reminds her of her seam-sensitive “prince” and “princess” SmartKnitKIDS friends.  Do you know this story?

A prince wants to marry a princess, but can’t seem to find a suitable one.  They don’t seem to be “real” princesses.  One rainy night, when a rain-soaked young woman shows up at the prince’s door, claiming to be a princess, the prince decides to put her to the test.  He puts a pea in her bed underneath 20 mattresses.  In the morning, the young woman tells the prince that she wasn’t able to sleep at all because she could feel something hard in her bed all night.  The prince knows that only a true princess would have the sensitivity to feel the pea through all the mattresses.  The two marry and live happily ever after.

Princess Bugsette thinks that all of our seam-sensitive SmartKnitKIDS must be princes and princesses, too, since they can feel those pesky seams on annoying socks and undies.  SmartKnitKIDS seam-free products are the only products fit for all the true princes and princesses in the world.

And they all lived happily ever after.  THE END.

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