Introducing Splish Splash Bugsley


It’s only April, but this bug is ready for some sun and surf!  He’s got his sunscreen and arm floaties on and he’s ready for an exciting game of Marco Polo in the community swimming pool.  Splish Splash Bugsley has big summer plans that include trips to the local water park with his friends to ride water slides, lazy weekends water-skiing at the lake with his family, and even a summer vacation to the beach for a week.  You can bet that whatever Splish Splash Bugsley has on his schedule, it will include time in the water.  After a long day in the water, Splish Splash Bugsley can’t wait to slip on a pair of SmartKnitKIDS seam-free socks.  They feel so soft and cozy on Bugsley’s feet.


We hope that you enjoy these 5 new Bugsleys in your packages of SmartKnitKIDS socks.  And as Autism Awareness Month draws to a close, we really hope you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy seam-free summer!

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