Anthem to the Lost Sock

What to do when you lose one sock to a matched pair?  Such a common problem, right?!  Did you know there is a Lost Sock Memorial Day?  On May 9th, we will observe Lost Sock Memorial Day here at SmartKnitKIDS with a one-day sale!  We also thought Bugsley’s Lost Sock “anthem” was a fun way to mark the occasion.


Bugsley’s Anthem to the Lost Sock

I have two feet, but only one sock.
It’s a common problem on my block.
When doing laundry, one sock gets lost.
I must find the other whatever the cost.

I like my socks matched pair to pair.
All stacked in the drawer with great care.
They feel the same on each of my feet.
And make my outfit quite complete.

But, when a pair of perfect socks
Goes into that big washing box.
I cross my fingers they both come out
So I don’t have to scream and shout.

Many times I’ll be missing just the one
And that, my friends, is not any fun.
I search and search through all my clothes
But I can only cover five of my toes.

The others are left out in the cold.
And I’m forced to pull out my billfold.
And buy a new pair of matching socks
At least there’s a Bugsley that comes in the box.

Do you have this problem of missing your socks?
And you’re thinking of ordering a brand new box?
You’re in such luck, ‘cause socks are on sale
So order a pair and they’ll come in the mail!

May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day
So the low price on socks really won’t stay.
Save 15% on each little pair
Order today and do not despair!

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