SmartKnit DIY: Sensory Lap Belts

Who’s ready for another SmartKnit DIY Sensory craft?  We are!  Today we’re making Sensory Lap Belts.  Our lap belt is a great tool to help provide some proprioceptive input for your sensory kiddo.  It’s a great way to help a child control their fidgets and focus for school or any other task.

So without further ado, here’s how to make your own Sensory Lap Belt.



• 1 Long No-Heel Sock – We used one of our SmartKnit KAFO socks, but any long sock will do
• Rice
• Needle and Thread
• Scissors
• Markers
• Essential Oil – We used a calming lavender


  1. Fill your sock with rice.
  2. Fold the edges of the sock in to create a crease where you want the seam to be.
  3. Thread the needle and sew an invisible seam along the crease.
  4. Knot and snip your thread.
  5. Personalize your lap belt using the markers to create designs or doodles.
  6. Add a few drops of essential oil.

That’s it!  So easy and fun!

Watch our step by step video here:


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