Sensory Suggestions for Back to School

It’s that time again, Moms and Dads!  That’s right, back to school time is upon us – whether we’re excited about it or not!

At SmartKnitKIDS everything we do is seamless – really it is!  So, we want to help you plan a Back To School 2019 that is as seamless as our socks.  We’ve formulated a list of some great suggestions for a successful Back to School that will help your kiddos have a super seamless year!

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks

You’re already familiar with our Seamless Sensitivity Socks, but it bears repeating. These socks are perfectly seamless. We’re able to do this with a unique manufacturing process where the socks are knitted in the same way that a caterpillar knits a cocoon. Not only that, but they’re made of super soft, stretchy, form-fitting materials, so they’re extra comfortable. And they don’t wrinkle or bunch up. Our high-tech fibers wick moisture away from the skin making them drier also.

SmartKnitKIDS Compresso-T

Another must have for Back to School is our Compresso-T.  Compresso-T’s deep pressure feeling provides the ideal amount of compression for a gentle “hug” feel that helps calm or focus your child. This is a great tool for kids that crave deep sensory input or a child that needs a little extra help in sitting still and focusing.

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Undies and Bralettes

Just like with socks, many children are bothered by seams in their undergarments. That’s why SmartKnitKIDS also makes seamless undies and bralettes, too! Same great materials with moisture-wicking fibers and no seams. Can’t beat that!

Other Great Sensory School Supplies

Our SmartKnitKIDS products should be on the Back to School shopping list for any parent with a sensory sensitive kiddo. But, in addition to our great products, don’t forget some of these true life-savers for sensory sensitive kiddos and their parents and teachers.


There are many kinds of fidgets out there that can give your child an outlet to get their wiggles out, which will allow them to focus their brains on learning. Depending on the needs of your child, you may want to try a foot fidget, and hand fidget, or even a chewing fidget. Below are several great options of each.

Alternative Seat Options

Some kiddos need to sit in chairs that help them to get their wiggles out. Here are a couple of seat options.

Calming Putty

Another super option for a sensory kiddo is Calming Putty. It has dual positives. It is a hand fidget, but also has a calming scent that is pleasing. Lavender is known for its calming principles, but there are several other scent options.

Learning Tools

Flash cards are great learning tools for all kids, but especially for kids with special needs. This great tool allows parents and teachers to create their own flash cards.


Finally, here are a couple of titles to add to your library. We recommend these two parent guide books, as well as the two books written for children.

When you’re picking up your pencils, scissors, crayons and markers, don’t forget these wonderful tools to help your sensory sensitive kiddos have a happy, healthy, successful and SEAMLESS school year!  Happy BTS!

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