Ultimate Road Trip Must Haves

Travel has been sort of derailed lately, but what’s summer without a fun trip, right? And what’s parenthood without a road trip with your family? If are able to venture out this summer safely, you may want to make sure you have some of the following items to take along with you.

Backseat Car Organizer
When you are spending so much time in a fairly confined space, it’s great to have a way to effectively organize all your supplies and entertainments.

First Aid Kit
It’s never a bad idea to have a first aid kit on board when young kids are involved. But, really it’s a great idea for all people all the time.  You never know when you will need a bandage or an ibuprofen, etc.

A cooler is a great tool to bring along on a road trip. Unless you’ve carefully planned out every detail, you may find that food stops may be scarce in some parts of the country.  Or, you may not want to slow down long enough to stop for food or drink. Bringing along a cooler gives you great access to cold drinks or turkey sandwiches. You may even need it for keeping medicines cool.

Travel Games
Road trips mean hours after hours on the road. If you want to limit the screen time and still give your kids something to occupy them, this is a classic road trip game.

Travel Pillow
Yes please! Unless you’re the driver, a short nap on the road is a wonderful thing. And a travel pillow makes it even better.  You might want to bring along one – or maybe more than one to prevent disagreements. 😉

Travel Laptop Desk
What a great way to keep your kids’ things all contained. Everything from their snacks, coloring books, and devices can be easily organized in this little travel desk. So useful for those long hours.

Cell Phone Signal Booster
We all know how important signal strength can be for your devices on a road trip.  Not just for entertaining the kids, but for navigation, as well. If you’re unfamiliar with the signal strength in the areas you’re headed, you may want to take along a booster.

Travel Blanket
Travel blankets are an absolute necessity for winter road trips as a safety tool to keep you warm in the event of an emergency or breakdown. But, on a good, old-fashioned summer road trip, it’s a great convenience. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the temperature just right when it’s hot outside and the air vents are going full blast.  For the occupants nearest the vents, it might get a little chilly.

Vehicle Trash Can
In the interest of keeping things neat and tidy during long road trips, you may want to include a vehicle trash can. It will keep all the families’ trash in one place until the next stop along the way.

Road Side Emergency Kit
Murphy’s Law pretty much guarantees that at some point of some journey, you may have use for an road side emergency kit. And when that happens, you’re be glad that you have one.

SmartKnitKIDS Compresso-T
A Compresso-T has always been great to help children to be calm.  A Compresso-T can be useful for children during road trips. They’re seamless and lightweight, so very comfortable in the summer heat.

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks
We know you don’t go anywhere without your SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Sensitivity Socks!

Hand Sanitizer
If you can get your hands on some hand sanitizer, it would be an excellent thing to take along with you on any road trip in 2020, because –  you know – the virus.

Disinfecting Wipes
A must have in 2020, you’ll want a couple of packs of disinfectant wipes to wipe down any objects or surfaces while you journey along.

Lightweight Face Masks
Lightweight material is such a great thing for the summer heat. And since wearing a mask is our new normal for awhile, you’ll want to make sure to stay as comfortable as possible while you wear them.

That’s it! Pack your baggage and grab your mask and head out for your latest adventure!

All non SmartKnit and DTYF! images and links are from Amazon.

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