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Fasten Up for Back to School – Win 2 Myself Belts!


At SmartKnitKIDS, we’re all about helping families and children to have seamless mornings.  That’s why our seamless socks and undergarments are so special.  With Back to School right around the corner, SmartKnitKIDS wants to help you have seamless mornings and a great BTS!  Like SmartKnitKIDS, there are other great products out there that help to make mornings seamless and easy.

One such product is called Myself Belts.  Myself Belts are the only one-handed fastening and unfastening belts currently on the market.  The belts are easy to fasten and unfasten making them a great accessory for children, especially potty training toddlers and preschoolers.  They are also great for older children, teens and adult that have hand dexterity challenges or other special needs.  Myself Belts are made in a variety of colors and patterns, including school uniform appropriate colors.


Perhaps you remember seeing Myself Belts on the popular ABC show Shark Tank.  On the October 31, 2014 episode, company founder Talia Goldfarb pitched her idea to the sharks.  She struck a deal with Shark Daymond John and Myself Belts continues growing from there.


Myself Belts are the perfect partner for SmartKnitKIDS!  That’s why we’ve partnered up to give away TWO Myself Belts to TWO lucky SmartKnitKIDS customers.  So who wants to win two of these great products for kids?  We hope everyone does.  Click on the link below to enter!

Enter to Win!

Here’s to a Seamless Back to School!


SmartKnitKIDS Compresso-T — The Soothing Compression Tank that Breathes

Many children with autism or sensory processing disorders find that deep pressure helps to calm and soothe them.  Constant and even pressure has a soothing effect, which can help many children to have better and more productive days.

Therapists and parents tend to turn to weighted vests or deep pressure vests to provide this compression.  But vests can be heavy, bulky and hot – especially during the summer months.  Sensitive kids may not want to wear a vest that they might find uncomfortable or “funny-looking”. Sensitive skin might get irritated or chafed under heavy vests.  Or, a child may have to wear an extra layer to protect skin, making them extra hot.

SmartKnitKIDS has a different solution.  Our seamless Compresso-T looks like a regular under shirt.  Made with seamless, super soft and breathable material, the Compresso-T is the ultimate in comfort for sensory challenged kids.  The Compresso-T is breathable, but also contains moisture wicking yarns to help pull moisture away from the skin and help keep the wearer cool.  Seamless finishing eliminates uncomfortable pressure points.

But, most importantly, the Compresso-T is made with ultra-stretchy yarns, which provide children with gentle compression, or a “hug”.  Parents find the Compresso-T gives their children the soothing benefits of constant and even pressure in a super soft and absolutely comfortable garment.compresso_t SKKIDS-CompressoT

Best and Hottest Product

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks are currently being featured as one of the best and hottest products with MetroPlex Baby and Kids. They provide resources for families from pregnancy through teens in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and beyond. You can check it out at
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Thanks Metro Moms for choosing us to be apart of your great event!