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Autism Awareness Promos

Welcome to April SmartKnitKIDS families!! April is National Autism Awareness Month and your friends at SmartKnitKIDS have a barrel full of goodies to share.

Bugsley Bucks Return

First, up, Bugsley Bucks! For the third year running and back by popular demand are our SmartKnitKIDS Bugsley Bucks.  Here’s how they’ll work.  During the month of April, you’ll get a $10 Bugsley Bucks card for every order that includes any SmartKnitKIDS or Big Kids with a subtotal of $25 to under $55.  Bugsley Bucks cards can be used as a gift card on orders between May 15 and June 18, 2018.  Likewise, you’ll get a $20 Bugsley Bucks card for orders between $55 and under $100 OR a $30 Bugsley Bucks card for orders over $100.  Only one Bugsley Bucks card per order.


Free Gifts

Each order to during the month of April that includes at least one SmartKnitKIDS or Big Kids item will also get two great free gifts – an Autism Awareness Car Decal AND Tangler Puzzle.  Of course, they are while supplies last, so be sure to get your orders in early.


Mermaid Pillows and $20 Gift Cards

Have you seen these amazing and soothing Mermaid Pillows?  We’re all kind of gaga over them here at SmartKnitKIDS.  So, we’re giving away 5 of them during Autism Awareness Month!  Each Monday in April, we’ll be giving away 1 Mermaid Pillow, and pairing it with a $20 gift card to



Surprise Sales

Oh my!  There’s more.  Be sure to be part of our mailing list to find out about some surprise sales that might be sprinkled throughout the month!

We’re very excited about all of our great goodies for our SmartKnitKIDS families and we hope you are, too!

Anthem to the Lost Sock

What to do when you lose one sock to a matched pair?  Such a common problem, right?!  Did you know there is a Lost Sock Memorial Day?  On May 9th, we will observe Lost Sock Memorial Day here at SmartKnitKIDS with a one-day sale!  We also thought Bugsley’s Lost Sock “anthem” was a fun way to mark the occasion.


Bugsley’s Anthem to the Lost Sock

I have two feet, but only one sock.
It’s a common problem on my block.
When doing laundry, one sock gets lost.
I must find the other whatever the cost.

I like my socks matched pair to pair.
All stacked in the drawer with great care.
They feel the same on each of my feet.
And make my outfit quite complete.

But, when a pair of perfect socks
Goes into that big washing box.
I cross my fingers they both come out
So I don’t have to scream and shout.

Many times I’ll be missing just the one
And that, my friends, is not any fun.
I search and search through all my clothes
But I can only cover five of my toes.

The others are left out in the cold.
And I’m forced to pull out my billfold.
And buy a new pair of matching socks
At least there’s a Bugsley that comes in the box.

Do you have this problem of missing your socks?
And you’re thinking of ordering a brand new box?
You’re in such luck, ‘cause socks are on sale
So order a pair and they’ll come in the mail!

May 9 is Lost Sock Memorial Day
So the low price on socks really won’t stay.
Save 15% on each little pair
Order today and do not despair!

Introducing Splish Splash Bugsley


It’s only April, but this bug is ready for some sun and surf!  He’s got his sunscreen and arm floaties on and he’s ready for an exciting game of Marco Polo in the community swimming pool.  Splish Splash Bugsley has big summer plans that include trips to the local water park with his friends to ride water slides, lazy weekends water-skiing at the lake with his family, and even a summer vacation to the beach for a week.  You can bet that whatever Splish Splash Bugsley has on his schedule, it will include time in the water.  After a long day in the water, Splish Splash Bugsley can’t wait to slip on a pair of SmartKnitKIDS seam-free socks.  They feel so soft and cozy on Bugsley’s feet.


We hope that you enjoy these 5 new Bugsleys in your packages of SmartKnitKIDS socks.  And as Autism Awareness Month draws to a close, we really hope you and your family enjoy a happy and healthy seam-free summer!

Introducing Princess Bugsette

Bugsette-PrincessPrincess Bugsette is the Princess of Make-Believe!  She also loves to read and act out fairy tale stories.  Her favorite fairy tale is The Princess and the Pea, because it reminds her of her seam-sensitive “prince” and “princess” SmartKnitKIDS friends.  Do you know this story?

A prince wants to marry a princess, but can’t seem to find a suitable one.  They don’t seem to be “real” princesses.  One rainy night, when a rain-soaked young woman shows up at the prince’s door, claiming to be a princess, the prince decides to put her to the test.  He puts a pea in her bed underneath 20 mattresses.  In the morning, the young woman tells the prince that she wasn’t able to sleep at all because she could feel something hard in her bed all night.  The prince knows that only a true princess would have the sensitivity to feel the pea through all the mattresses.  The two marry and live happily ever after.

Princess Bugsette thinks that all of our seam-sensitive SmartKnitKIDS must be princes and princesses, too, since they can feel those pesky seams on annoying socks and undies.  SmartKnitKIDS seam-free products are the only products fit for all the true princes and princesses in the world.

And they all lived happily ever after.  THE END.

Introducing Bugsley Buckets!


Introducing Buckets Bugsley!  This guy is a champion 3-point shooter and is the captain of the All-Star Seam-Free Basketball Team.  Bugsley never plays a game without his seamless socks.  They ensure that his feet are not irritated by annoying seams while he leads his team to victory with a dribble, shoot and score!  SmartKnitKIDS socks are a slam dunk!

Look for the Bugsley Buckets card in your packages of SmartKnitKIDS socks! He’s a great addition to your Bugsley starting lineup.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, it is the best time to expand your Bugsley collection.  All orders over $50 will receive Bugsley Bucks – money that can used for purchases May 1 – June 16.

Orders $50 – $79.99 receive $10 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $80 – $109.99 receive $20 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $110+ receive $30 in Bugsley Bucks.

Introducing Bugsette!


You’ve seen Bugsette before!  She’s the sweet purple-y sister of our friend Bugsley!  She models our bralette and girls’ undies, and she loves to wear SmartKnitKIDS pink and purple socks!

Bugsette enjoys lots of fun activities just like SmartKnit Kids!  She likes to play soccer. She loves to play make-believe with her brother Bugsley.  And she really loves her dance class. Her seamless SmartKnitKIDS socks, undies and bralette keep her super comfortable while she navigates all the super activities that make her Bugsette!

Look for the Bugsette card in your packages of SmartKnitKIDS socks! She’s a great addition to your Bugsley collection.

Since April is Autism Awareness Month, it is the best time to expand your Bugsley collection.  All orders over $50 will receive Bugsley Bucks – money that can used for purchases May 1 – June 16.

Orders $50 – $79.99 receive $10 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $80 – $109.99 receive $20 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $110+ receive $30 in Bugsley Bucks.


Introducing Sock It To Autsim Bugsley


Some of our most seam-sensitive kids are autistic kids.  That’s why SmartKnitKIDS and Bugsley work so hard to “sock it to” autism, or in other words to make a sock that autistic and seam-sensitive kids can happily wear – with no seams to bug ya!

Sock It Bugsley is a karate champion.  When he’s not winning tournaments around the world, he likes to practice his karate moves on seams!!  If Sock It Bugsley finds a seam, he immediately gives it a kick or a punch and it’s gone.  Just like that!

Make sure you add this awesome Bugsley to your collection!  Now shipping in SmartKnitKIDS seamless sensitivity socks!  Since April is Autism Awareness Month, it is the best time to expand your Bugsley collection.  All orders over $50 will receive Bugsley Bucks – money that can used for purchases May 1 – June 16.

Orders $50 – $79.99 receive $10 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $80 – $109.99 receive $20 in Bugsley Bucks.

Orders $110+ receive $30 in Bugsley Bucks.

Announcing The Retirement of 5 Beloved Bugsley Cards

How many of your SmartKnitKIDS kiddos collect the Bugsley cards that come in the boxes of SmartKnitKIDS socks? All of them, right?!  We thought so. Well it is time to meet some new Bugsleys, which will come during the next few weeks in April.  And as the saying goes, “out with the old, in with the new,” so we’ll be retiring some the following Bugsleys. Hope you got one!

Officer Bugsley – Finding Seams and Taking Names! Officer Bugsley is on patrol to find all those offensive seams. Don’t worry, though, he’ll still be working hard even if his card is retired!


Astronaut Bugsley – This awesome explorer roams the universe looking for the best seamless solutions for all our seam-sensitive kiddos out there. Just like Officer Bugsley, he’ll still be on the job.


Blue Sox Bugsley – This slugger hits home runs daily for Team No Seams! He’s one player that we’re glad is on our team.  The No Seams Team are the Home Run Champions!!


Bend It Like Bugsley – GOOOAAALLL!!  This Bugsley is on the Champion Seamless Soccer Team. He’s the king of dribbles and scores!


Super Bugsley – It’s a bird!  It’s a plane!  It’s Super Bugsley!  Keeper of the Seam Free Universe, this Bugsley works hard to keep your world Seam Free!


These Bugsley cards have been some of our favorites, but we can’t wait to introduce you to 5 new friends coming to your SmartKnitKIDS socks boxes!  Stay tuned  . . .

Easter Bunny Bugsley Coloring Contest

Easter is this Sunday, March 27.  To help our SmartKnitKIDS fans celebrate, we got Bugsley to pose as the Easter Bunny for this adorable picture:


But, something happened to our picture!  Somehow it lost all of the color before we could save it.  We’re hoping you can help!  Download our picture from the link below and add your favorite colors to make a SmartKnitKIDS Easter Masterpiece!


Submit your coloring page to, post on SmartKnitKIDS’ Facebook page or tweet it (tag @smartknitkids in your tweet) on Twitter by March 31 at 11:59 p.m. CDT to join our coloring contest.  One winner will be chosen and will receive a $25 gift card to  Be sure to have your child write his or her first name and age on the coloring sheet.

Happy Easter from Bugsley and your friends at SmartKnitKIDS!!

Create-A-Bugsley for International Creativity Month

Who knew that January was International Creativity Month?!  At SmartKnit, we love creativity!!  Being creative was how SmartKnitKIDS socks were born.  So, in honor of International Creativity Month, we wanted to get in on the action!


We know that our loyal customers love our Bugsley and even collect the different Bugsley cards found in SmartKnitKIDS packages.  Do your kids have ideas for a Bugsley design?  Let’s get creative and make some new Bugsley designs.  Have your kids draw or design Bugsley doing an activity they love.  How about football or hockey, ballet or gymnastics or maybe riding a bicycle.  The possibilities are endless.  And don’t forget about Bugsette!  Bugsette designs are encouraged also. You can use one of our templates to start with OR get really creative and draw Bugsley or Bugsette from scratch!


Submit your designs between January 10 and 16 by posting them to Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #createbugsley.  Or you can email it to us at  On January 17, we will post an album with a selection of the entrants.  The entry with the most likes, shares and comments by January 19 will be our winner.  The winning design will be eligible for production with management’s approval.


So, get to drawing, get creative!  We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


*** Disclaimer – By submitting, you agree to hereby give to Knit-Rite, Inc. the absolute and irrevocable right and permission with respect to the artwork provided:
a) The unrestricted right and permission to copyright and use, re-use, publish, and republish the artwork in whole or in part, individually, or in conjunction with other photograph in all media including illustration, art, promotion, advertising, trade, web or any other purpose whatsoever.
b) Entrant hereby relinquishes any right that they may have to examine or approve the completed product or products or the advertising copy or printed matter.
c) Entrant hereby relinquishes any right for compensation for use of artwork.