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August is Family Fun Month

Life is fast these days.  Most families are two-income families meaning that both Mom and Dad leave the house every day.  And kids are busy, too.  Evenings many times consist of racing to pick up the kids, before feeding them quickly and whisking them off to some activity.

Do you remember the phrase, “Take time to smell the roses”?  Sometimes we need this gentle reminder to slow down and enjoy the life.  To me, Family Fun Month is just that reminder.  I need to take a few minutes to slow down and enjoy my family, just like we all do.

Family Fun Month is truly celebrating having fun with our families and enjoying being with the people we love.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it together.  And one more thing; put the devices down and be engaged in each other.  It won’t be long before your children are off to college or have families of their own.

Here are some great suggestions for celebrating Family Fun Month at every price level:

  1. Visit an Amusement Park – What kid doesn’t have memories of their favorite amusement park ride. Make some memories riding or sliding.  Whether you have a family of roller-coaster-riding dare-devils or the tamer sort that prefers the carousel, this is truly a great place for family fun!
  2. Host a Living Room Dance Party – You heard that right! Move the furniture out, dim the lights and turn on your favorite dance music and have a blast dancing with your family.  It’s great exercise, too!
  3. Beach Day – Take the family for a day at the beach. What family wouldn’t enjoy a day playing in the waves, building sand castles and soaking up the sun?!  Even if you’re land-locked like my fam, there are plenty of beautiful and clean lake beaches to take advantage of.
  4. Go Camping – Take a drive out to a state park in your area and set up your family tent. After a day spent fishing or camping, gather around the campfire for some s’mores and story telling.
  5. Scavenger Hunt – Choose a location for a family hike – could be your neighborhood or a local hiking trail. Make up a list ahead of time of things you know you’ll find.  Have the children check off the items during your hike.
  6. Miniature Golf – Visit a local miniature golf course and play a round. You can play the traditional version outdoors with the windmills and such, or try one of the indoor cosmic courses under the blacklights.
  7. Water Balloon Fight – Fill up a tub full of water balloons and set it up in the middle of the backyard. Ready, set, go!
  8. Go on a Picnic – This doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Just pack up your lunch, some paper dishes, a blanket and you’re off!  You can have your picnic in the backyard, a local park or just about anywhere that you enjoy.
  9. Go on a Bike Ride – What a great way to spend time with your family and get some great exercise, too. Start out slow with a trip around the block.  For the more adventurous sort, you can go much further.
  10. Family Game Night – Pop some popcorn and pull out a classic board game or puzzle. Keep the TV off and spend time playing with your family.

SmartKnitKIDS wants to help you with your first Family Fun Month activity.  Guess the number of puzzle pieces in the jar below.  The closest guesser to answer soonest wins the puzzle (we promise all the pieces are there) AND a $40 gift card to purchase some family games at Fat Brain Toys (



Once Upon A Bug

Once upon a time, all over the world, children lived with lumps and bumps, ouchies, burglers, nuggies or seams in their socks.  The seams would rub and bump and irritate all over those little active feet.

Children everywhere refused to wear socks!

No Socks Girl


When they had to wear socks, they were mad!

Angry Boy


And sad!

Sad Girl

And just all-around miserable!

Miserable Kids

Finally, in a place called Kansas, a little bug named Bugsley was born.  As Bugsley grew, he hated seams, too!  It gets pretty cold in Kansas, and when Bugsley had to wear socks, his little bug feet would feel every lump and bump caused by pesky seams in socks.  Bugsley couldn’t stand it!


When he grew up, Bugsley made it his Mission to get rid of seams once and for all!  He found his way to SmartKnitKIDS in Kansas City and learned that parents everywhere were looking for a solution to the uncomfortable lumps and bumps in their kids’ socks.  Bugsley knew he could find help for these kids and he went right to work!

Bugsley set up a Top Secret Lab at SmartKnitKIDS to test different materials and methods for making socks.  He was going to develop the softest, most comfortable and COMPLETELY SEAMLESS sock on the planet!  Bugsley, with the help of SmartKnitKIDS, worked tirelessly inspecting yarns and developing a super-secret, super-unique method.


Finally, after many long, long days, Bugsley finally had a sock that felt great on his feet!  No seams, no lumps and bumps and so snuggly soft that he thought he would never take them off!  Excited with Bugsley’s amazing work, SmartKnitKIDS began making his seamless sock . . . lots and lots of seamless socks!

Bugsley immediately began to get the word out to all the boys and girls around the world . . . and the orders started flooding in.

Laptop Kid

Children everywhere were finally happy with their socks!

SKKIDS-CompressoTBack to School Givaway Reminder

Bugsley was a hero!  And children everywhere lived seamlessly ever after in their socks.


To be continued . . . .

Seam Haters Down Under

Hi Kids!  How is the summer going?  Great, I hope.  You know what summer makes me think of?  Socks, of course!  But not what you think.  I love pulling my socks off and dipping my toes in a cool lake or swimming pool!  Ahhhh!  You know what else summer makes me think of?  Our friends in Australia and New Zealand!  Why, you ask?  Let me tell you!

It has to do with something that makes Australia different from life here in the United States.  So, what’s Australia like?  Well, they have amazing wildlife.  Kangaroos, for one.

Kangaroo #1Kangaroos #2

And koalas!

Koala #1Koala #2

And emus!


Some unique looking trees!

Baobab Trees

And a really, really, really big rock called Ayers or Uluru!

The Land Down Under is pretty amazing and beautiful.  But, do you know why summer REALLY reminds me of our friends Down Under?  Because while it’s summer up here on our side of the globe, it’s winter for them!  That’s right!  For our friends in Australia and New Zealand it’s feeling like January about now!  Brrr!


Well maybe it’s not the snowy paradise that we’re used to, even though it is winter.  But, the cooler temperatures do mean that Australian toes are pretty chilly right now.  And chilly toes mean snuggly socks!  Did you know that there are seam haters in Australia, too?  That’s right!  There are seam haters all over the world.  And our friends in Australia keep their toes warm and comfortable with SmartKnitKIDS seamless socks all during the long winter months of June, July and August!



Bugsette and I think it is awfully fun to think about our friends down under, and how they’ll be wearing their SmartKnitKIDS socks while we’re taking a dip in the pool.  Then, when it’s their turn for summer sunshine, our toes will be warm in our seam-free socks and snow boots!

Check out the link to our Retailer page to find SmartKnitKIDS socks in Australia and New Zealand!


Your Mate, Bugsley


Father’s Day Coupon Book Download

Hi Kids!  Do you want a great way to show your dad how much you love him this Father’s Day?  Bugsley and the SmartKnitKIDS team made up some super cool Coupon Books that you can download, color and personalize, cut out and give to your dad!  And what dad wouldn’t love this great homemade gift from his kids?

It is very simple to put together.  Click on the link to download.  Print off the pages.  Let you child color and personalize them.  Cut out and staple together.

fathers_day (2)

Send us your photos of your dad cashing in those coupons.  We would love to share them with our SmartKnitKIDS family.

Happy Father’s Day from SmartKnitKIDS!

Bugsley’s Summer Adventure


Hi SmartKnitKIDS Friends!

School is almost out and summer is about to get started!  Bugsley has been working so hard here at SmartKnitKIDS that we have decided he’s ready for a vacation!  But, not just any vacation.  We want to send Bugsley around the country to enjoy summer with our SmartKnitKIDS friends.

We’re asking you to invite Bugsley along for any or all of your summer fun adventures.  There are lots of ways to do this.  You can print out one of our Vacation Bugsley downloads.  Color and cut him out and take him with you.  You can bring one of the plastic Bugsleys from your SmartKnitKIDS sock orders.  Or you can even use this picture of Bugsley.  Just pull him up on your smartphone!


The important thing is that you take a photo of you and Bugsley doing whatever your summer has in store for you.  Send them to us via Facebook or Twitter so we can all see what Bugsley has been up to.  We’re hoping that by the end of the summer, Bugsley will have been on quite the adventure!

Here’s a little note from Bugsley about things he’s excited to do:

Bugsley Letter

PicMonkey Collage

Lost Sock Memorial Day

Lost Sock Memorial DayWhat to do when you lose one sock to a matched pair?  Such a common problem, right?!  Did you know there is a Lost Sock Memorial Day?  On Saturday, May 9th, the SmartKnitKIDS team will observe Lost Sock Memorial Day.  We thought a Eulogy to the Lost Sock would be appropriate.


Eulogy to the Lost Sock

One lone sock was lost today in the same horrifying way that socks are lost every day across this country and the world: the dryer.  


This sock started out being perfectly knit with its “sole” mate.  After an adventurous beginning that included being the center of attention through processing and packaging at the production plant, a wild ride across the country on a delivery truck and a brief stay on a local store peg, this pair settled into a quiet life warming the feet of their owner.  


They enjoyed being part of their owner’s everyday activities from school to sports and just plain fun outside.  Each week, the sock pair would participate in the laundry cycle – usually such a fun experience.  Imagine a roller coaster ride through a car wash.  


It was during one of these weekly laundry trips that the tragedy occurred.  Upon being tossed around in the hot air of the dryer, one sock then searched out its mate.  And that mate was missing.  Vents were checked.  The insides of other clothes were checked.  Nowhere to be found.  After all the weekly laundry loads were complete, the sock was declared MIA.


The sock is survived by its loving mate, as well as many friends at the resident sock drawer at the owner’s house.  Its mate requests that in lieu of flowers, memorials be sent to the Lost Sock Memorial Fund.


But, dry your tears SmartKnitKIDS fans!!  You can always order more socks from us!  We’ll keep makin’ ’em!

Guess and Win!

What’s blue and sweet and reminds you to donate to SmartKnitKIDS’ Autism Awareness Campaign fundraiser?

A jar full of blue fruity candies!!

We want YOU to guess how many pieces of yummy fruit-flavored candies are in this jar. The first person to guess the closest without going over will receive an egiftcard to!*


Next go to our campaign fundraiser page and DONATE! Your money will go to fund Autism Research. When you donate, you’ll receive a coupon code to use at – our gift to you for helping us reach our goal! It’s a win-win – super comfy seamless socks for you and an awesome donation to autism research for all of us!


April – Autism Awareness Month – is almost over, but with your help, we can spread awareness all year long. Remember, wear blue, share with your friends and family and donate to Bugsley’s Autism Research Campaign.

* eGiftcard is redeemable at US/CA

April is Autism Awareness Month

AutismHi Kids (& Parents)!  Your friend Bugsley needs your support.  In honor of Autism Awareness Month, Bugsley and SmartKnitKIDS are sponsoring a fundraising campaign with the Autism Society and 1Power4Autism.  Our goal is to raise $1,000, which will go towards autism research.

Donate Now

Click on the link to donate to the Autism Society.  To show our appreciation, SmartKnitKIDS will send you a coupon code to use on your next order at  Coupon codes will be emailed to donors within 48 hours of donation.

$5-9 donations – coupon code for $5 off a $25 order
$10-24 donations – coupon code for $10 off a $40 order
$25+ donations – coupon code for $25 off a $75 order

For other ways to raise awareness, you can wear your Autism Awareness charm and silicone bracelet, which come free in every order of SmartKnitKIDS products in the month of April (while supplies last).


The SmartKnitKIDS team also put together this video to help raise awareness.  Please share!

The Autism Society recognizes the power that 1 person, 1 organization, 1 idea or 1 event can have on autism.  Today, with the prevalence of autism rising to 1 in every 88 American children, everyone can make a difference and support the 1 mission of the Autism Society.

SmartKnitKIDS believes in Autism research.  We know that good research is needed in making strides toward understanding autism and improving lives of those with autism.  SmartKnitKIDS works every day in manufacturing products that help children with autism cope.

Many children with autism also have sensory issues.  Little irritations like clothing seams can feel like big irritations to these kids.  SmartKnitKIDS socks are seamless, leaving nothing to irritate sensitive feet and toes.  The form-fitting design gives children’s feet a gentle “hug”, which provides closeness and gentle pressure that are soothing to children.  SmartKnitKIDS uses this same technology and design in a host of other products for kids with sensory issues, including Big Kids Socks, Kids Undies, Compresso T, and Bralette.

Make a donation to the Autism Society today and help Bugsley and SmartKnitKIDS reach our goal!  Together, we can improve the lives of all affected by autism.

Donate Now

What events and activities are you doing in your communities to raise awareness?  Share with us!

Win McBugsley’s Pot o’ Socks

Hi Kids!  Do you what today is?  St. Patrick’s Day!  It’s one of my favorites.  What bug doesn’t love a day dedicated to wearing green!  You know what else St. Patrick’s Day reminds me of?!  A big Pot o’ Gold!!


At SmartKnitKIDS, seamless socks are as good as gold.  So, to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Bugsette and I put together a big Pot o’ Socks for one lucky kiddo out there!  We’re so excited about the Pot o’ Socks and hopefully you are, too.


Here’s how to play.  See the photo of the big Pot o’ Socks?  Guess how many individual socks you think ol’ McBugsley was able to fit in the pot.  Click on the link below and have Mom and Dad help you make your guess.  The closest guess without going over wins the pot!  (Ties will go to the earliest guesser.) ***

(Mom and Dad, the Pot o’ Socks will also include a $25 gift card to

Let the guessing begin!

Seamlessly Yours!


*** Entries will be taken until 11:59 PM CST on Sunday, March 22nd. US Residents only.


Irish Blessing

Letter From Bugsley

We hope you enjoyed Letter Writing Week!  We got lots of great submissions.  Here are a few of our favorites.



Christine Pacifico Charbonneau-KAYLEE-7

rebecca-soto (1)


Bugsley loved reading all your letters!  This is his letter back to you!

Bugsley Letter