What Parents Are Saying…

We love hearing your stories of how SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Socks have impacted your childrens’ lives and maybe helped your morning routine go a little smoother. Your feedback is invaluable to us as we are able to take these comments and continually improve our products.

Would you like to share your story with other parents? Simply send us your story. We will send a $5 off coupon for online retail partner, Therawear.com. You will also be entered in our NEW monthly contest. At the end of each month one story will be randomly selected as the winner and receive $50 and an Ant Farm. The winning story will be featured on our site through the next month.

I have a huge drawerful of dress socks, soccer socks, ankle, crew, low cut — you name it.  My son gets in trouble for taking off his shoes in school.  He loves sandals in the summer.  Then I came across your site on the SPD network page.  I was able to get 3 pair for now.  My son fell in love with these socks and is all he wants to wear.  He is bummed that he can’t wear them all 5 days but I told him we are working on getting more socks when we can.  We were blessed with being a winner a few months ago on someones blog about the socks so we at least have the 3 pair.  My son has major sensory issues so these are such a blessing.  We ordered the ankle size Medium but they actually fit him like a crew.  Since there is no heel I know he can wear them longer.  They wash very well and are so durable.  He usually tears through other brands.  Thank you for these.  I am telling all my friends about them.
Kelle, SmartKnitKIDS Parent

My daughter battles me every morning when I ask her to put her socks on so we can get her on the kindergarten bus on time–she hates the sock seams and no matter how we arrange the socks/tights on her foot, we can’t seem to get it so the seam isn’t annoying her. I thought this was very strange until I read other people’s comments on this web site. I ordered two pairs of socks and when they arrived, she examined them suspiciously–she did spot a line on the sock, but held her foot out reluctantly anyway. When the sock went on, her face lit up and she said “Hey……we can put these socks on anytime!” We’ve been doing wash every other day to ensure clean socks, so I am ordering more of these!
Deborah, SmartKnitKIDS Parent

We were spending over a half hour every morning just trying to get her socks and shoes on—She would scream and cry and move the socks around –take them off — turn them inside out– It was a battle every morning until we found these socks (they are wonderful and we only have bad mornings if all of them are dirty) this is why we are getting ready to order 9 more pair!!! It makes life easier for us!
Christina T., SmartKnitKIDS Parent

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